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(A Tribute to World Environment Day -2017)
“Ime ete maha Bodhi Loka nathena pujita Ahampi te namassami Bodhi Raja namatthu te”
 God has manifested His beauty and bounty through myriads of forms and shapes. One of His most sublime and adored manifestation is Nature. It has been a proven truth that Nature responds to human emotions, needs and urges. So we see wherever Nature is adored, protected and promoted, peace and happiness prevail, and crime rate remains low. People enjoy better health in the abundance of nature for the ecological balance. Nature is also a great stimulation for man’s creativity. So, many great writers and spiritual seekers chose to live in the lap of Nature for their uplift. My love for students, devotion for learning, passion for writing and hankering for spiritual pursuits have been fed and fuelled by the pristine Nature of the tiny Himalayan kingdom, Bhutan, where I lived and served as a teacher for about three decades. Nature has a profound impact on the chara…