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Dear Gyembo Namgyel Sir, Though it has been almost a year I received your condolence message on my father’s departure for his heavenly abode, the soothing and recuperative effect of your sacred words still continues to comfort and renew my heart. I have realized how the love and compassion of a good friend and brother can restore and repair our damaged mind and rebuild us. According to Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, a good friend   is greater than a library. I wish and pray that you become a friend to all of that stature.
As my father’s 1st death anniversary is nearing (3 December 2017), I reminisce the spiritual splendor and grandeur of Bhutanese education and pristine Nature that had brought heaven down on the earth for my late father through my sacrifice of the Royal profession in order to be with him. Overflowed with joy at the sight of the rain of love, devotion and service that descended on my fortunate father in his last days through the hands of my family members one day I dazzle…