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Dear students (BCSE & BHSCE), Hope you are making the best use of your winter vacation. Your result is not very far. You must hope for the best and prepare for the worst. If you pass and qualify for higher studies that is well and good. If you don’t pass or don’t qualify for higher studies, no problem. You should not give up. You must persistently chase your goal of education like the poor boy in the story ‘My Struggle for an Education’ in Class IX English. By hook or by crook you must be highly educated and elevated in order to know the TRUTH, and thereby to enjoy the nectar of this crown human life.

Flashes of Memories (A Letter to Sonam Phuntsho, Zebrangsa,Pemagatshel)

Dear Sonam Phuntsho,
Hope you are well. I do not know where you are and what you are doing. As I am back to my hometown in India on retirement, I am reminiscing about my highly rewarded life and beautiful experiences with you all students in Bhutan. Of all the opportunities I had got to serve you students, my Little Buddhas, in  my eleven years at Nangkor Higher Secondary, Pemagatshel, GIVING YOU A LONG BATH on a Wednesday with my own hands in my bathroom in the GIRLS HOSTEL has been the most elevating and enriching and rewarding experience. It was in 1997 when Nangkor School was at its infancy and you were in Class PP or Class I, a day scholar student. You were afflicted with scabies very badly. Your whole body was full of wounds and pus. You had been suffering so much. The treatment from the hospital had worked little as you had not been able to maintain your personal hygiene. I was then the Health Incharge of the School, appointed by the Headmaster, Mr. Sonam Wangyel, the present …