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Dear students (BCSE & BHSCE),
Hope you are making the best use of your winter vacation. Your result is not very far. You must hope for the best and prepare for the worst. If you pass and qualify for higher studies that is well and good. If you don’t pass or don’t qualify for higher studies, no problem. You should not give up. You must persistently chase your goal of education like the poor boy in the story ‘My Struggle for an Education’ in Class IX English. By hook or by crook you must be highly educated and elevated in order to know the TRUTH, and thereby to enjoy the nectar of this crown human life.
Education is the most powerful ladder to reach the highest goal in this modern world. It is the only power that guarantees your prosperity in life. If you don’t pass, you must repeat. If you don’t qualify for Govt. school or college, you must join private school or college. I am sure that your parents are wise enough to spend the required amount of money for your education. They know that spending money on children’s education is the best investment. Beside the curricular studies, each one of you must be a voracious learner. You must widen, heighten, lengthen and deepen the range of your studies and learning – reading, writing, listening and speaking. I hope you know that most of the great achievers of the world were and are great readers, speakers, listeners and writers. Pass or Fail, Employed or Unemployed, no matter, you must go on learning. One day you will find yourself at a great height. But the moment you stop learning, you start getting eroded and weakened in all matters.  A famous quotation: “A graduate of yesterday who stops learning today will be uneducated tomorrow.” Learning is like watering a growing plant. Pen is indeed mightier than the sword. Many writers have shaken and transformed the world by the power of their pen. Rabindranath Tagore has brought the peace and bliss of heaven for mankind in his GITANJALI by his little pen.

Late South African leader Nelson Mandela said: “If you want to transform the world, education is the most powerful weapon.” Late American president Abraham Lincoln said: “Whatever I want to know, I get only in the books. If anybody lends me a book that I haven’t read, he is my real friend.” Greek philosopher Aristotle said: “The difference between an educated and an uneducated person is like the difference between a living and a dead person.”  So my loving children, always bear in mind that learning means living and growing and not learning means decaying and dying. Failure in the exams cannot make a person unsuccessful or uneducated. Albert Einstein, one of the greatest scientists, once failed in the exam and once became the last in the exam result. Mahatma Gandhi also failed in the exams, but his failure became the pillar of his towering success. EDUCATION IS THE TALLEST AND STRONGEST TOWER OF LIFE THAT WE CAN BUILD TO REPOSE OURSELVES IN THE SUPREME HEIGHT AND LIGHT.


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Dear Cheten Zangmo & Tshewang Tashi, I can’t thank you enough for your love and kindness in offering us the wonderful opportunity to meet you yesterday, Saturday 4 January 2017, on your way back to S/Jongkhar. Your sense of gratefulness signals your further rise in life. Lord Anukul Chandra said: If you want to be great, learn how to be grateful. Cicero said: Gratitude is not only the greatest of all the virtues but also the mother of all the rest.


(A Highly Inspiring and Motivating Life Story of Cheten Zangmo, Tsebar, Pemagatshel)

The wondrous life story of Mrs Cheten Zangmo might be an inspiration to many, as it is to me. The great lesson I have learned from her life is we can change anybody’s life through our sincere prayers, wishes and earnest desire coupled with the person’s cooperation. I had desperately wanted to see the little girl, Cheten Zangmo, in a noble position in her life and it did happen. This is the wonder of the mystery of mind.  Her entire life story could be filmed into a good movie. The story is thought-provoking and insight-giving.

Tribute to MAY 2, Bhutanese Teachers Day

By the mystic spell of the two powerful lines of The Daffodils by William Wordsworth on Nature:  “….And then my heart with pleasure fills, / And dances with the daffodils” through the voice of an English teacher in Bhutan, Mr. K.C Jose, I felt intoxicated. Since then I have been in unity with the trinity of beauty – beauty of poetry, beauty of teaching and beauty of Nature. This is a wonderful gift of Bhutanese education in the lap of pristine Nature.