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23rd April ---WORLD BOOK DAY (Birth Day of William Shakespeare)

May I wish you a very HAPPY and HEAVENLY WORLD BOOK DAY!

1.       Late President Abraham Lincoln said: “What I want to know, I get only in the books. If somebody gives me a book which I haven’t read, he is my true friend.”

2.       Writer Ruskin Bond said: “Books are our never failing friends. They will never betray us as our cunning and calculative friends sometimes may. They are always a source of pleasure and inspiration.”

3.       “The best property that you can give to your child is a good library.”

4.       “By reading we discover our world, our history, and ourselves.”

5.       “Books have meant to my life what the sun has meant to the earth.”
                                                                   EARL NIGHTINGALE

6.       “The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who cannot read them.”         MARK TWAIN

7.       “Many times the reading of a book has made the future of a man.”
                                                                    RALPH WALDO EMERSON

8.       “A good book contains more real wealth than a good bank.”
                                                                  ROY L. SMITH

9.       Reading, like no other medium, can transform your life in a flash, and you never know which book… at which time in your life….. might be the one that rocks your world and inspires you in ways you never thought possible before.”
                                                                   BURKE HEDGES

“For fifteen years I have been  intensely studying earthly life. It is true I have not seen the earth nor men, but in your books I have drunk flagrant wine, I have sung songs, I have hunted stags and wild boars in the forest, have loved women…….Beauties as ethereal as clouds, created by magic of your poets and geniuses, have visited me at night, and whispered in my ears wonderful tales that have set my brain in a whirl. In your books I have climbed  to the peaks of Elburz and Mount Blanc, and from there I have seen the sun rise and watched it at evening flood the sky, the ocean, and the mountain tops with gold crimson. I have watched from there the lightning flashing over my head and clearing the storm clouds. I have seen green forests, fields, rivers, lakes, towns. I have heard the singing of the sirens and the strains of the shepherds’ pipes. I have touched the wings of comely devils who flew down  to converse with me of GOD……..In your books I have flung into the bottomless pit, performed miracles, slain, burned towns, preached new religions, conquered whole kingdoms…………….  “Your books have given me wisdom. All that the unresting thought of man has created in the ages is compressed into a small compass in my brain. I know I am wiser than all of you.”
                   Source: ‘THE BET’  by Anton Chekov                                                                      

"Literacy is the door to knowledge, essential to individual self-esteem and empowerment. Books, in all forms, play an essential role here. "

Irina Bokova




(A Highly Inspiring and Motivating Life Story of Cheten Zangmo, Tsebar, Pemagatshel)

The wondrous life story of Mrs Cheten Zangmo might be an inspiration to many, as it is to me. The great lesson I have learned from her life is we can change anybody’s life through our sincere prayers, wishes and earnest desire coupled with the person’s cooperation. I had desperately wanted to see the little girl, Cheten Zangmo, in a noble position in her life and it did happen. This is the wonder of the mystery of mind.  Her entire life story could be filmed into a good movie. The story is thought-provoking and insight-giving.


Dear Cheten Zangmo & Tshewang Tashi, I can’t thank you enough for your love and kindness in offering us the wonderful opportunity to meet you yesterday, Saturday 4 January 2017, on your way back to S/Jongkhar. Your sense of gratefulness signals your further rise in life. Lord Anukul Chandra said: If you want to be great, learn how to be grateful. Cicero said: Gratitude is not only the greatest of all the virtues but also the mother of all the rest.


“O LORD, as I am too humble to express my gratitude to you for your incredible mercy, I prostrate before you in all humility and surrender myself to your feet. I am overwhelmed by your might and mercy.  You performed miracle through me and my Bhutanese student Thubten Dorji (Chanda), Pemagatshel, Eastern Bhutan. I never dreamt that you would utilize my crippled life in such a great need. I feel blessed and elevated to have been able to render my humble service to the devastated Bhutanese monk, a holy man, at Alipurduar Hospital on Wednesday and Thursday, 29 & 30 June 2016.”  


O Lord, what a blissful sight! Yonten Thinley smiles! The accident victim of 29th June 2016 at Madarihat, is bounced back to his healthy and holy life. What a wonderful gift you have bestowed upon the holy man! Myriads of prostrations before you, Father. I could learn you are always there to extend your healing touch when your children fall helpless. What can be a greater joy for me to see the monk radiating rays of his smile at me from the seat of his brother’s car, who was just a month ago lying in Alipurduar Hospital in a critical condition smeared with blood and crippled with multiple injuries.


I write this article to share my experience with and my observation of a teacher with a view to benefit my brothers and sisters elsewhere. It has been rightly said: A good teacher is more influential than a hundred priests. I could see the reflection, radiation and validation of the adage to a great extent from the life of Mr. K.C.Jose, senior lecturer, Samtse College of Education, Bhutan. In my letter entitled, “ Blessing of Bhutan: A farewell Tribute to Mr. K.C. Jose”