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O Lord on this auspicious Teacher’s Day, 5th September,
Birth day of Dr. Radhakrishnan, the great philosopher,
May I pry to see Your glorious manifestation
In each and every student’s appearance and performance!
May I pray to hear Your sublime voice
In the voices of the millions of students!
May their thoughts, words and actions
Reflect Your grandeur and splendour!
O Father, I wish to feel Your divine presence and touch
By the presence and touch of my dear students.
I pray to see Your loveliness and loftiness
In the students’ run and race, fun and frolic,
And in their activeness and naughtiness.
O Supreme Father, my gratitude to Thee
Is fathomless, boundless and wordless
For You have enriched and elevated my life

With Thy greatest gift ---an ocean of students.


  1. Happy teacher's day. The poem is beautiful and I loved it. God Bless you always.

  2. Thank you sir for your kind appreciation. Your words and views have tonic effect on my mind. Your support is my need for my growth and refinement. Though we belong to different nations, it seems to me that god has sent you to support, guide, encourage and elevate me.May you thrive more and live long so that I can also live long and savour the nectar of human life.I believe we are two different nationals with two different bodies but with one soul. Let's continue to live together in soul.I am so thankful to God for endowing me and enriching me with such a wonderful friend.My regards and best wishes to all my brothers and sisters of Pemagatshel. I had enjoyed a brilliant life in Pemagatshel by virtue of their love and kindness.I could give them nothing but received a lot from them.You all Pemagatshelpas are very rich in holy love, compassion, hospitality and spirituality.All of your smiling faces always radiated divine light for me.May Bhutan and the Bhtanese continue to to enjoy supreme and serene peace, divine love, divine health, divine wealth and heavenly safety and security!


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