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My Bond with the Himalayan Kingdom - Bhutan

O Lord, You are so merciful! You responded to my cry so compassionately and so amazingly! O Divine Master, grant that I become worthy of your mercy. It all happened on 28th and 29th September 2015. Nostalgic for my Himalayan home, BHUTAN, on Monday 28th September I went to visit Phuentsholing (a Bhutanese commercial town bordering India) along with my son, Babu. I spent about four hours savouring the nectar of the beauty, sublimity, serenity and divinity of the Dragon land, and got intoxicated by an wordless ecstatic joy. We visited the Phuentsholing vegetable market and purchased some Bhutanese indigeneous vegetables and other eatables because my intuition directed me to prepare and enjoy Bhutanese menu the next day. I was excited to be able to relish the taste of Bhutanese dishes at my Indian home, especially Emadatse.  I met some of my old Bhutanese friends in the town, exchanged hugs and had photographs.

My humble Tribute to Bapuji on International Non-violence Day (October 2, Birthday of Gandhiji)

Lin Yutsang, the Chinese philosopher, said: “The People of India listen to Nehru. Nehru listens to Gandhiji and Gandhiji only listens to God.” Truly soothing and thought-provoking words about our beloved Bapuji.