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Dear students- my Little Buddhas,
I want to tell you that a teacher’s service to his students ends only when he has his last breath and lies cold and lifeless on his death bed. Though it has been almost three years since I have taken retirement from my physical teaching service in Bhutan and came back to my motherland, but my mental and spiritual service for you all still continues. I always pray and wish that you live a happy and healthy life and perform well in your studies and exams. In the rest of my life I want to enjoy bliss and happiness in your Divine health, happiness and success.
I am writing this letter now to give you a few guidelines for your final/annual examinations which are approaching. I want all of you to pass in the examinations. I feel assured that you are well prepared for the exams. And you must make the best use of the remaining few days: You must not waste any time at this juncture. At the same time I advise you not to torture your health. You must sleep well and eat well. You should continue the daily meditation (deep inhalation and exhalation) whenever you want. At this time of heavy study pressure the Anapana Yoga/ breathing exercise/ meditation will boost your energy level and learning power. Even during exams if you feel uncomfortable, stressed, confused or puzzled, one or two minutes of deep inhalation and exhalation will help you to feel better and perform better.

During exams you will need good speed of writing to complete your answers to all questions. So now practice speed-writing daily. If you have domestic problem that disturbs your study, you should find out an alternative place to study peacefully and comfortably. If you fail in the exam, take it easy. Late American President Abraham Lincoln failed 13 times in life before he succeeded. Failures are always pillars of success. You must always go to bed early and in the morning rise early. 

“Early to bed
Early to rise
Makes a man
Healthy, wealthy and wise.”

Education is the greatest wealth of human life. This wealth must be attained by every student by hook or by crook. Keep in mind honest and earnest effort will never go in vain. Each one of you has been my living Buddha. So I call you my “Little Buddhas.” And I have blessing and prayer for everyone of you to blossom into a full Buddha by the ladder of your virtuous character and sound education.  Your parents are my brothers and sisters. Give my warm regards to them. I pray for their health, happiness, long life and fulfillment of their hopes and aspirations.  Kindly convey to your parents that I have earnest request to them to provide you a congenial home atmosphere and care for your vigorous study and divine health. I feel I am still a teacher in Bhutan and it is my responsibility to tell these words to your parents. I pray and wish that you fulfill your parents’ lofty dreams. You must make do or die effort to be the source of their strength and inspiration. Please keep yourselves always away from all kinds of bad practices/elements. Education is a divine wealth given by God. If you defile yourself by any kind of evil thought, words or actions, you cannot gain it.

“Man devout and woman holy
Pure in life, in duty faithful
They perform the worship truly.”

This is the teaching of Lord Buddha compressed by Poet Ramesh Chander Dutt in his poem called “On Buddha’s Death”. Being the crown creation of God, every one of us should be pure, holy and righteous in our living. May God guide you at every step of your life.

Good Luck in your examinations.

Santosh Chowdhury



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