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Dear Friend (Book),
I offer myriad of salutations to you on your auspicious day, 23rd April. I thank the international community for creating this noble occasion which is an opportunity for me to express my humble gratitude to you. You are such a lofty friend that God has chosen to bestow His blessings upon me through you. God loves you, and so do I. Without you, I would not have been better than a wild animal. Because of your generosity I am able to realize the truth: “Man is the crown creation of God.”
My little hands, eyes and tongue have come to good use because you enriched them with your magic power. I believe I will not live my old age in vain because you are always with me. I have faith  that I will continue to blossom till my last breath because you will continue to feed and nourish me. God uses many tools and ways and means to perform His miracles. For me, the best miracles He has performed through you. I hear the voices and music of God and all other beings through your voice. I hear the teachings of the Messengers and prophets like Jesus Christ, Buddha, Krishna and others from your voice, and learn that the Supreme Father has taught us the same truth and given us the same principles of living through His Messengers to guide us to live a righteous life in a harmony with all our brothers and sisters of different nations, colours, creeds, religions and languages.  You have brought to my light the lives and messages of the personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Mothers Teresa,  Jetsun Milarepa,  Abdul Sattar Edhi( Abu- God’s beggar) Rabindranath Tagore, Swami Vivekananda, Albert Einstein , Shakespeare, Hellen Keller, Anne Frank, Yogiraj B.K.S. Iyengar and many others who have profound impact on me. You have also enabled me to know that God has manifested Himself through myriad forms and names, and thereby developed a spirit in me to revere every phenomenon of the universe.  It is because of your inspiring light, as a teacher, counselor, matron and health in charge I was able to serve my students in the spirit of a father as well as mother.  I learn myriad of facts and fantasies about my brothers and sisters around the world from you. You are the source of my solace and strength in needs. For all my doubts and queries, I seek resort to you and get solution. By your blessing I am getting connected to many of my brothers and sisters in different countries and receiving their support and good will for my growth and refinement. In Your store I have found a lot of inspiring quotes of many enlightened and ignited minds which I consider as my priceless gifts because I always draw inspiration from their powerful words.  Rabindranath Tagore said: Man is born in the world with only one advice from God- that is EXPRESS yourself. You have been providing me strength to strive towards the fulfillment of that sublime will of God. St. Thiruvalluvar said:” Think ever of rising higher. Let it be your only thought. Even if your object be not attained, the thought itself will have raised you.” I have learned from you: “The undisciplined people not only burn themselves but also burn the world.” You have been fulfilling all my spiritual as well as material needs unfailingly, unselfishly and unconditionally. Through your pages I have seen the world without travelling around. By your grace I was able to live many years of my life on the Holy Himalaya. Lord Krishna says: “I am the Himalaya of all the mountains.” You paved the path of my past, you are paving the path of my present and I am optimistic you will pave the path of my future. You have been so benevolent to teach me the international link language, English, through which now I can communicate with my brothers and sisters everywhere and I can excavate the sacred knowledge of the generations that are stored on your pages. Dear friend, it is from you I have learned that though we belong to different nations and speak different languages, it is the same flame burning in all of us.  It is from you I am learning that the ultimate goal of human life should be to attain Nirvana (liberation) through attainment of enlightenment.  You have taught me to discriminate right from wrong, good from bad, moral from immoral, ethical from unethical and virtue from vice, and thereby flashed light on my path. I never possessed power and position, name and fame or wealth and prosperity but wherever I have had been you have provided me with an honourable life. You have become such a guaranteed friend for me that if you are with me, I feel I have everything. As long as you are with me, the word boredom is out of my life under all circumstances. You were there to talk to me and guide me in the remote Tsebar village of Bhutan in the far off days and you are taking care of me at the dusk of my life in my hometown by keeping me connected with the almighty Lord. In all humility and profound gratitude I bow to my principals Mr. S.B. Rasailey and Mr. Sonam Wangyel, Dzongda of Lhuentse district, Bhutan, for entrusting me with the sacred responsibility of looking after the school library which provided me an opportunity to develop a divine love with you.  As far as I remember, I looked after you in the libraries in the spirit of worshipping God. Both the libraries were shrine room for me. You have nourished me a lot and I feel assured you will continue to lift me higher.  O book, speak to me more. From your light I am learning o dream. “Great dreamers have the power to break down the prison door,” said Mani Bhowmik. You have been constantly guiding me to distinguish the real from unreal and the divine from the demonic. I want to be united with the Lord through you. O Compassionate Lord, manifest Yourself to me through the pages of book and shower Your blessings for me through books. May the sacred light of the World Book Day unfold a new paradise on the pages of books for my every brother and sister across the globe!



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