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O Divine Master, I beg You to grant me pardon for my ungratefulness due to my ignorance. Though many a time I despaired and lost faith upon You and tended to ignore and forget You for some of the failures and setbacks of my dreams, when I reflect back upon the realities of my life I find many of my desperate prayers and passions been incredibly answered by You.  O Lord, I am wordless to express my feelings and emotion for Your astounding game. From today boastfully, I can say “Yes” I have seen God.
I have realized the truth of Mother Teresa’s words that You make Yourself the hungry one – the naked one – the homeless one – the sick one – the one in prison – the lonely one – the unwanted one. Feeling responsible to share the truth of your omnipresence and omnipotence with my brothers and sisters everywhere may I reveal your mysterious play with me. It was Monday, 11th April 2016. Like all other days, I woke up at the divine hours of dawn. After my prayer as my usual routine, I sat in my library room and got ready to start my reading. It was around 4.00 A.M. The light in my room was on. There was pin drop silence and solitude around me as everybody in the neighborhood was asleep. I kept my door wide open to have the soothing and divine touch of the Mother air’s loving hand. But to my utter shock, You approached at my door almost naked and miserable, and wailed: “MASTERMASAI (MASTERJI), GIVE ME SOME RICE. I AM HUNGRY.” I was shuddered at Your sight and voice. I felt like screaming. I was not able to believe my eyes and ears. However, blessed by You, I plucked courage to have a closer look and closer voice of You.  After about five minutes’ interaction, Mother Teresa and Tagore’s words echoed in my ears and heart and I realized You were none but the Supreme Father in the form of a beggar. Then remembering Tagore’s voice in the Gitanjali, I felt I was going to have a good time ahead. Thus without any second thought from my wallet I took out an Indian currency note of Rs. one hundred and handed to you. You exclaimed: “A hundred! A hundred!” and disappeared from my sight. I went on pondering about the incident. I felt assured that something good was going to happen.”Wonderful! Wonderful! Really You are the Master of miracle. In the middle of the day the alms of the hundred rupees returned to me multifold through a magical situation. Now I know I was lucky to be able to recognize You. But I regret not to have given You all my money emptying my bag. O the Almighty, I feel assured You have ushered in a new era in my life!   


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Dear Cheten Zangmo & Tshewang Tashi, I can’t thank you enough for your love and kindness in offering us the wonderful opportunity to meet you yesterday, Saturday 4 January 2017, on your way back to S/Jongkhar. Your sense of gratefulness signals your further rise in life. Lord Anukul Chandra said: If you want to be great, learn how to be grateful. Cicero said: Gratitude is not only the greatest of all the virtues but also the mother of all the rest.


(A Highly Inspiring and Motivating Life Story of Cheten Zangmo, Tsebar, Pemagatshel)

The wondrous life story of Mrs Cheten Zangmo might be an inspiration to many, as it is to me. The great lesson I have learned from her life is we can change anybody’s life through our sincere prayers, wishes and earnest desire coupled with the person’s cooperation. I had desperately wanted to see the little girl, Cheten Zangmo, in a noble position in her life and it did happen. This is the wonder of the mystery of mind.  Her entire life story could be filmed into a good movie. The story is thought-provoking and insight-giving.

Tribute to MAY 2, Bhutanese Teachers Day

By the mystic spell of the two powerful lines of The Daffodils by William Wordsworth on Nature:  “….And then my heart with pleasure fills, / And dances with the daffodils” through the voice of an English teacher in Bhutan, Mr. K.C Jose, I felt intoxicated. Since then I have been in unity with the trinity of beauty – beauty of poetry, beauty of teaching and beauty of Nature. This is a wonderful gift of Bhutanese education in the lap of pristine Nature.