05 March, 2017


O Lord! I am overwhelmed for the shower of your love and bliss on my father. My late father had experienced the taste of heaven on the earth before he left for his actual heaven by your will. My joy to see the picture of my late father in the loving and caring arms of my wife surpasses all earthly joys.  I am well convinced love is nothing but your viewless grandeur and splendor, elixir and fragrance. I have learned where there is sacred love there descends
your abode along with you. Man is indeed your crown creation in whom you have injected the potency of creating heaven on the earth.

May you bless every ageing, waning and ailing man and woman with such paradise of love as you had bestowed on my father! May every woman be endowed with the spirit of service, sacrifice and sacred love of Mother Teresa! Jewish proverb says: God could not go everywhere, so women have been sent. May the hidden sun of the truth of the proverb shinebrightly! O the Omnipotent! Grant that every woman manifests the divinity of the Universal Mother! May the holy and healing touch of woman recuperate and elevate every waning and ailing sentient being!

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