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CELEBRATION OF GOD’S LOVE (Rewards of life in Bhutan)

O Lord, I thank you for your love in sending me to the Himalayan Kingdom - Bhutan. It is for the shower of your love and grace the multi - faceted beauty of children blossomed in my eyes in the loving lap of the tiny kingdom, and out of my ecstasy of their beauty I have celebrated their glories by simply calling them ‘Little Buddhas’. The beauty of the children fills my heart as the beauty of the clear December night- stars do. I have experienced your loving touch from the touch of the children. Now I know why Mother Teresa had embarked upon her journey of Missionaries of Charity at Motijhil, Kolkata, with a handful of children as her flowers to worship God. For the same truth, Nobel Laureate Tagore has written: “From the solemn gloom of the temple children run out to sit in the dust. God watches them play and forgets the priest.”


O Lord, you have manifested your love and grace through myriads of ways. I relish the fragrance of your love, enthrall my eyes by the art of your love, enrich my heart by the elixir of your love and ennoble my spirit by the touch of your love in everything you have created so gracefully and painstakingly. But through the love of human heart and human touch I have experienced your bliss and beauty, gaiety and glory the best and most.